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            About Selon

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            Jiangxi Selon Industrial Stock Co., Ltd. was established on December 2, 2003, with a registered capital of CNY 90 million. Located in Leping Industrial Park of Jiangxi Province, Jiangxi Selon Industrial Stock Co., Ltd. is a national hi-tech research, development, manufacturing and trade enterprise of China.

            At present, Selon is a comprehensive chemical enterprise specializing in the production of downstream fine chemicals of chloralkali industry: we are mainly engaged in the manufacturing, trade, research and development of AC Blowing Agent, Thionyl chloride, chloralkali products, and so on; on the basis of chloralkali products, we have established a complete industrial chain taking fine chemicals (such as AC Blowing Agent, Thionyl chloride) as main line. Up to now, we have become a leading enterprise of China for AC Blowing Agent and Thionyl chloride products, and the quality and production scale rank the top position of these fields of China. With the export and import license of China, we have successfully sold our AC Blowing Agent into over 10 counties and regions, including Southeast Asia, South America, South Africa, USA, Italy, and Turkey, etc. We also successfully certificated to ISO9001 quality system.

            Our AC Blowing Agent and Thionyl chloride are the "hi-tech products" of Jiangxi province, and they are widely used in pharmaceuticals, pesticides, dyes, synthetic resins and rubber materials, etc.

            To develop better products and technologies, we established Technology R&D Center of Jiangxi Province, which now is mainly engaged in the research and development of modified AC blowing agents, and high pure Thionyl chloride products. Up to now, our center has obtained 10 Chinese patents of Invention. Therefore, Selon has owned the core technologies with independent IPRs.

            Selon aims to be a creative enterprise, and get development by using our wisdoms. Through keeping improvement, Selon commits to providing customers with excellent service and quality products with leading technologies and reliable performances. As a developing enterprise, with great market competence and developing potential, Selon has obtained a lot of honors and prizes from governments, including "Good Group of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry", "Good Enterprise of Jiangxi Province", "Top-100 taxpayer of Jiangxi Province", "Prize for Outstanding achievements in Social Responsibility", "Good Non-public-ownership Enterprise of Jiangxi Province", "Top-100 Environment-friendly Enterprise of Jingdezhen City", "Good Enterprise of Leping city for Creative Technology", "Good Enterprise of Leping city for Safe Operation",  "Good Enterprise of Leping city for Saving energy and reducing discharge", "Top Enterprise of Leping city for the Development of Industry of City", and so on.